Thuy emailed me three weeks before her wedding and asked if I was available on her date. She was having a destination wedding in Vietnam, and the photographer she had already booked had just broken his leg. So she was checking, with “a prayer and fingers crossed” if I could fill-in last minute.

I was free, and as it turned out, her first photographer was a good friend of mine, so I was more than happy to fill-in and make sure she wasn’t left stranded without a photographer. (Note to brides: this is how you find last minute replacements – photographers are always friends with other photographers, and we help eachother out).

And even though it rained throughout the day, Thuy and Michael laughed the entire time. And their merry band of family and friends ripped up the dancefloor and showed Danang what a good old fashioned Texas wedding party is.

It doesn’t happen often, but the next time your photographer gets hurt and can’t make it to your wedding, don’t worry. We all have eachother’s backs. And we’ve got you covered.


VENUE: The simply amazing Intercon Danang. Go on, check it out!

CELEBRANT: Peter Mahomet