If I were to get married in Vietnam, high on my list would be a Phu Quoc wedding.

Phu Quoc is an island off the southwestern tip of Vietnam. Its best known for its production of nước mắm – fish sauce – but its also a beautiful place with some white sand beaches, fishing villages and a bustling morning market. And, like most islands, its bit different than the mainland, full of colour and character and a pace that moves just a little. bit. slower.

And that’s why Jacquie and Ryan decided to have their Vietnam destination wedding on Phu Quoc. They’ve been visiting the island from Australia for years, and its become a little corner of the world they can return to and disappear for a little while, enjoying island life, and eachother, without much distraction.

I’m so thankful they agreed to go for a stroll through the crowded market and back alleys of Phu Quoc’s fishing villages – we literally stopped traffic a few times while making pictures among the butchers, florists and fish vendors.

Special thanks to Nadine from Hoi An Events, who came down from Danang to act as celebrant for the beach wedding. Nadine’s the best wedding planner in Vietnam, so if you’re having a destination wedding there, get in touch!

Phu Quoc wedding photographer Julian Abram Wainwright

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