Trang + Jason | Mekong Delta wedding

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      I love Vietnamese weddings. They’re definitely very different from Western affairs. Sometimes, to be honest, it can seem like not much happens at modern Vietnamese weddings – speeches, banquet, MOT! HAI! BA! YO! and before you know it everyone’s off home, or to karaoke, or wherever tickles your fancy when the belly’s full of boiled chicken and warm beer.

      But when combined with the traditional an hoi (engagement) ceremony, a Vietnamese wedding becomes a really colourful, beautiful, intimate affair. Especially if it takes place in a lazy little town like Vinh Long, deep in the heart of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Especially if you can make it to the wet market for a morning portrait session. And especially if it features a couple like Trang and Jason, who flew all the way from Texas to wed in her modest family home, in the town she was born in but hadn’t returned to since she was a young girl.

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