Gretchen + William | Ariara Private Island wedding

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      I dodged a bullet on this one.

      After documenting a three-day Indian wedding in Thailand, I hopped on a 2am flight from Phuket to Coron, Philippines, via Guangzhou, China and Manila. When checking in at the Phuket airport, dead on my feet, I nearly gave in to the airline attendant when she kept insisting I check-in my rolling camera bag. “Fine, whatever, I just want to get on that plane and sleep.” But common sense prevailed, I held my ground and just checked my duffel bag, taking my gear on board.

      It was tight, but I made all my connecting flights. Unfortunately, my check-in bag did not.

      So I landed in the small town of Coron with the clothes on my back, camera bag, and nothing else. I was heading to Gretch and Will’s destination wedding at Ariara, a private island in beautiful Palawan, and I had planned to do some underwater photography. But my underwater camera case was somewhere in the lost baggage pile at the airport in Manila. Oh well.

      Palawan wedding

      A quick detour in Coron town to pick up some flip flops, board shorts and tourist t-shirts, and I was on the speed boat for the last leg of my journey to Ariara.

      Gretch and Will had a beautiful beach ceremony, everyone in their best tropical white linens. Except the photographer, who bedazzled in a neon pink singlet and flashy surf shorts. You know, just doing my best to blend in.


      Luigi Borromeo

      Just another amazing set Julian!

      Thanks Luigi!

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