Joel + Vinuon | Siem Reap, Cambodia wedding

      Julian: What do you get when you mix the sheer beauty of Angkor, the brute power of Kung Fu Panda, and the finest of fine tequilas flown in from around the globe? InOpulencia – Joel and Vinuon’s fabulous  multi-day wedding in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

      Vinuon’s family is Khmer (and Joel’s is Filipino), so they had a series of traditional Cambodian wedding ceremonies lined up over two days. Although the schedule was packed to the hilt, we did manage to squeeze in a quick portrait session at the Angkor temple complex before the first day’s events. I had done my homework and knew the sunrise image I wanted to make. Unfortunately, mother nature didn’t cooperate, and at 5am the pond that I was going to use for a gorgeous reflection was almost completely dried up. So we improvised and just enjoyed the grandeur of the temples until we had to head back for the main events.

      Each Khmer ceremony required a dress change for the entire wedding party, so there was a lot of up and down the stairs to change outfits, but it was obvious that everyone was enjoying themselves. Every aspect, from the music and food to the hair-cutting ceremony, was absolutely fascinating, and it was refreshing to shoot a completely different kind of wedding.

      Of course, come nightfall, it was time to knock it out on the dancefloor and after a few shots of Patron, the party was on!

      I want to thank Joel and Vinuon for asking me to photograph and participate in their wonderful event. It was one of those weddings that I’ll remember when I’m at the old age home in 50 years.

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