When I’m not shooting destination weddings, I do a fair bit of editorial and corporate photography. I don’t post a lot of that on this blog, but just wanted to share a quick post about photographing the President of the Philippines this week.president philippines photographer manila

Heads of State are busy people. They don’t give you much time for posed photographs. The image below is a select from a hyper-quick portrait session after I photographed the President during a TV and Print interview. And by hyper-quick I mean 20 seconds.

I was a staff photographer for a big news agency for seven years, and was able to shoot a lot of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Assistant Undersecretaries of Transport and other luminaries, but it never gets old. Its a rush to be able to make a solid image in very challenging circumstances, under the watchful eyes of security personnel, in dark rooms with terrible lighting, with subjects who have a million more important things to do than sit still for a photographer. So they give you a few seconds. There’s no time to adjust settings, no time to chimp – you better be ready with your setup and get it perfect in the first shot, because that may be the only frame you make. The image below is frame #2 from four that I was able to make before Aquino was whisked away to tasks of national importance.


Gear note: I recently picked up a Lastolite Joe McNally 24″ White Ezybox Hotshow Softbox. It’s pretty great. You can build it in about two minutes, it slips snuggly over my Canon flash, and I can carry it anywhere without any hassles. So now I’ve got nice portable portrait light wherever I go. It was essential for a gig like this.

Image credit: Julian Abram Wainwright/Bloomberg

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