Quinn is an American photographer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We’ve run in the same circles for a few years now, and I was excited when he contacted me about shooting his wedding(s)*.  Its always a big honour to document another photographer’s wedding. And big pressure. Because you know they’re going to look at the images with a discerning eye, and that they may even be looking over their shoulder at you during the day, just to make sure you’re not messing up.

Plus, there were going to be other photographers there – Lee Starnes, and Fred Wissink, and Tim Gerard Barker – and well, you know… a bunch of drunk photographers at a wedding are most definitely giving the working photographer a hard time.

But so anyway I just concentrated on the amazing fun of a traditional Vietnamese wedding. On the beauty of a mother and father from Ohio spending time with a father and mother from Vietnam. All four brought together to watch their daughter and son start a life together. So full of warmth and vibrant colour and… beer and rice wine and karaoke and goat penis.

Yes, goat penis.

As I always tell my clients – I’m there to shoot EVERYTHING.

So, well, here you go Ngan and Quinn. See you for the main event in a few weeks.

*Yes, that’s a plural “weddings”, since this was Ngan and Quinn’s traditional Vietnamese family affair in Ngan’s hometown of Binh Phuoc. Next up in a month is their destination beach wedding at Alma Oasis in Long Hai…..

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You did a wonderful job :)
    Thanks so much Tina!

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